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We have some of the best pecans growing here on our farm.  We have the big Pawnee that people who call ask for them as they have such a good taste!!  And we also have good Kanza.   We have them any way you want them, whole, cracked, halves and pieces,retail or wholesale.

                                                       NOTICE                               NOTICE                               NOTICE

               There will be a pecan grafting school on Friday May 2, 2014 at the Jim Chandler farm at 38513 Jingo Rd.,

               LaCygne, KS at 1:00 PM sharp.  It will be held rain or shine.  This is a free event  put on by Dr. William

                Reid from the  K-State Research Extension. For more info call 913-449-1719.  Hope to see you there.   


                NOTICE       We have a new email address-----Lsprothe@gmail.com------Thanks for looking at our website!

                ALSO WE HAVE A NEW PRICE ON 5 LBS CRACKED PAWNEE PECANS!!!!!!    And we have 5# bags

               of whole Pawnee pecans for $17.00.   




       We Are Nuts For You!!!

Leland and Slina Prothe, Owners


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