Enjoy Delicious Kansas Pecans 913-849-3358
Enjoy Delicious Kansas Pecans913-849-3358

When Harvest Time arrives, the first step is to shake the pecans from the trees. The Shaker is attached to the rear of the tractor. It's 'jaws' can open up to 4 feet wide and are clamped to the trunk of the tree . Leland shakes each tree several times in small burst to remove the pecans from the hulls.

The next step is to pick the pecans up. That is the job of the Harvester. It is pulled beneath the trees where it picks up everything. The pecans are stored in the hopper. Some leaves and light-weight sticks are blown out but much of it winds up with the pecans to be dealt with later. Once the Harvester hopper is full, the pecans are transfered to super-sacks for storage until they are ready to be cleaned.

The pecans are placed in the Cleaner and run through a process where they are blown with air. The debris (leaves, sticks and undeveloped pecans) is discarded while the heavy, good pecans are run down on a platform to be inspected by hand for quality assurance.

Once they pass inspection, they are placed in breathable bags for storage in the freezer until they are ready to be cracked for sale.

As pecans are needed, they are removed from the freezer and placed in the cracker. This is an air-operated Cracker that is capable of cracking up to 400 lbs. per hour. It's efficient, accurate operations produce nice, full halves without damaging them.

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NOTICE NOTICE!!!!   Our Spring Farm Tour is coming up on Saturday May 11 & Sunday May 12, 2024 10 to 4 each day. For maps download: www.MICOFarmTour.com. Maps will available at each stop also!

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